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This page is addressed to a parent who is looking at our precedent pages and who needs more help. Equally, the information below may be useful for a generalist adviser.


Working Families' website has more information on  pregnancy, maternity and family friendly rights.


You may need advice about  funding your case and  finding a solicitor who specialises in discrimination law.

If you are running your case yourself without the help of an adviser, the following publications are useful for reference.


Books, publications and websites

Employment law an advisers handbook; Lewis; Legal Action 2013


Maternity and Parental Rights; Palmer, Wade and others; Legal Action 2006


Employment Tribunal Claims: Tactics and Precedents; Cunningham, Reed; Legal Action 2009. The book has an associated website 


For a more detailed guide to the questionnaire process for sex discrimination see the guidance written by Tamara Lewis on the EHRC website


For more information about the employment tribunal process see the London Law Centre's claimant's companion at on the EHRC website at  http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/uploaded_files/Questionnaire_guides/dscrm_claimants_companion_jan12_final.doc



Employment Tribunal  claim forms are available on the HM Courts and Tribunal Service website. Further details are on the page about making an employment tribunal claim.

The Equality Act 2010 questionnaire is available on the Direct Gov website

 Free Representation at a tribunal hearing

The following may be able to arrange for you to be represented at the final hearing. In order to obtain help from these agencies, you will need to be referred by either an advice agency or a solicitor. If you want to find free representation, you should try to find someone to represent you as soon as the employment tribunal has given you a hearing date(s).


Bar Pro Bono Unit 


Free Representation Unit