What benefits can I claim if I am over 60 or have a partner over 60?

Released 5th March, 2010|19,205 Views

If you are over 60 or or have a partner over 60, you may be able to claim Retirement Pension (based on your national insurance contributions), and or Pension Credit (an income-based benefit which looks at any other income you have). However, you may have to wait until you are older to claim these benefits. This is because state pension age is changing from April 2010. Retirement pension is based on your state pension age and pension credit depends on state pension age for a woman born on the same date as you (even if you are not a woman).


You can check your state pension age on the Direct Gov website using the State Pension age calculator.


There are also other benefits which may apply depending on your circumstances, for example housing benefit if you pay rent, council tax benefit if you pay council tax, and attendance allowance if you have care needs and are over 65.


If you are responsible for children who live with you, you can claim benefits for those children in the same way as anyone else, for example, Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit.


To find out more about all these benefits and to check what other benefits you may be able to claim, you could use a tool such as the benefits adviser on the Direct Gov website or the benefits checker on Turn2us website. You can also get advice from, for example, a Citizens Advice Bureau or from Age UK.