Do I have to tell my employer I am pregnant? When?

Released 27th April, 2010|4,413 Views

You don’t have to tell your employer you are pregnant, but there are lots of reasons you may want to. In the early stages of your pregnancy, you may not want to start telling people, but bear in mind the rights that you have once your employer knows that you are pregnant.

If your employer treats you worse because of your pregnancy, this is sex discrimination. It is usually easier to prove sex discrimination if you can show your employer knew that you were pregnant – and easier still if this is because you told them!

Once you have told your employer in writing that you are pregnant, if there is any evidence of risk to your or your baby from work, your employer must carry out a risk assessment. They should remove any risks, for example by changing your duties or hours, but without reducing your pay.

If you are an employee, you are also entitled to take paid time off for ante-natal appointments, and this is only possible if your employer knows that they are for ante-natal purposes. 

If you are an employee, then by the time you get to 15 weeks before your baby is due (about 25 weeks pregnant), you should give notice to your employer of when you want to take your maternity leave. Usually, you will ask them to check your entitlement to statutory maternity pay at the same time. Agency workers may also be entitled to statutory maternity pay.