Employee Engagement

American Express, Winner 2014, The E-ON Best for Engagement Award

At American Express, flexible working is central to employee engagement: the business understands the challenges employees face with balancing work, family and other personal commitments. Over the last year, it has reviewed its policies on flexible working to reflect changes in legislation, and has gone a step further by creating an alternative working policy under which all employees, not just parents and carers, have the right to request flexible working…Read More

Northern Trust, Finalist 2014, The E-ON Best for Engagement Award

Northern Trust has a longstanding commitment to care for its employees. To this end, the Company has established a flexible working and family-friendly culture that respects and supports work-life balance. In 2012, responses to the Employee Engagement Survey suggested areas for possible enhancement, so it became one of Northern Trust’s three global priorities…Read More

Plantronics, Winner 2013, The Best for Engagement Award

Plantronics is a medium-sized company specialising in the technology sector. They have developed what they call an ‘ultimate’ approach to flexibility which allows for complete flexibility regarding how, where and when work is done. Even if they are in the office, there are a number of different spaces employees can choose to work from depending on what tasks they are working on…Read More

American Express, Commended 2013, The Best for Engagement Award

American Express drives employee engagement through its stated desire to develop a flexible, diverse and inclusive working culture. To ensure that this goal is reflected throughout the whole organisation the financial services company embeds flexibility, diversity and inclusivity in its strategies and policies…Read More

Wales & West Housing Association, Finalist 2013, The Best for Engagement Award

Wales & West Housing, WWH, have a mission to deliver ‘strong sustainable growth to make a difference to people’s lives, homes and communities’. Their organisational culture, they say, puts the customer at the heart of what they do and is based on solid and clear values and operating principles…Read More

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