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For the past 35 years, we have been working with employers interested in supporting employees through their various life stages, and leveraging flexible working to  increase organisational performance.

We have unique experience of working on practical, real-world problems which has given us an unrivalled understanding of the complex interactions between organisational performance, individual motivation, team and project working, and parental and flexible working legislation.

As a result, our employer membership and training programmes bring together the latest real-life insights into what really matters to employers and their staff members. Working Families’ services are grounded in our in-depth work with three distinct groups.

  1. Firstly, the many hundreds of hours we have spent with senior and middle management ensures that we understand the reality of how flexible working can result in dramatically increased levels of staff engagement and performance in the highly competitive environments in which our clients operate.
  2. Secondly, our deeper-than-deep understanding of the complex legislation on flexible working and benefits results from our cutting-edge research and our direct dialogue with all levels of Government, including ministerial.
  3. And thirdly, dealing with thousands of calls to our free legal helpline for parents and carers every year, gives us unique, detailed insights into what is important in order to retain and motivate staff.

Regardless of an organisation’s level of maturity, the purpose underlying membership and each of our training modules is to provide the knowledge and catalyse the shift in mind-set and behaviour needed to create and embed a flexible, high-performance workforce.


 “Having partnered with Working Families for several years it is very clear to see the value they bring in shaping our organisation’s strategies to become not just ‘family friendly’ but one that recognises, genuinely, the importance of general work life effectiveness. Their thought leadership has been critical to the evolution of both our practice and our strategy and they understand the commercial world and the challenges and opportunities it can bring in achieving these goals.”

American Express

“Membership of Working Families has proven to be one of the best diversity budget spends to date. Not only do they provide a wealth of experience and solid evidence based support for our internal diversity programmes of work, Working Families also provide our employees with expert advice on all aspects of being a working parent and carer”


“At Centrica we want to attract, recruit, develop and retain the very best people and Working Families helps us to do this.”


“Working Families provides inspirational thought-leadership on all aspects of how organisations and working families can thrive.”

Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester


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