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General information on benefits

Are you confused about what benefits and allowances you may be entitled to? Find out the facts.

  • Brexit – what happens next?

    As of exit day (31 January 2020) the UK is officially no longer an EU Member State. But the UK has now entered an implementation period (IP) ending on 31 December 2020 during which it is treated as a Member State for many purposes. The UK continues to be governed by EU law and be […]

  • Pregnancy and maternity for students: a guide to finance and benefits

    Finding out that you are pregnant when you are studying can be a daunting prospect but most universities have student support services and are able to offer advice about your options for deferring studies or making special arrangements in relation to deadlines and examinations. Student Finance England offers tuition fee loans for the length of […]

  • What if I need further advice?

    Information on where you can get more advice on benefits or tax credits.

  • What can I claim if I am out of work?

    Information on the benefits you might be able to claim if you are out of work.

  • What can I claim if I am over 60 or have a partner over 60?

    Information on the benefits you might be able to claim if you or your partner are aged over 60.

  • Can I claim benefits if I take parental leave or shared parental leave?

    There are many ways that parents can take time off work; this could be for maternity leave, shared parental leave or unpaid parental leave. If you are taking leave and your pay is reduced, you should check whether there are any benefits you may be eligible for. This article provides a guide to what benefits you might be able to claim if your earnings are reduced by taking leave.

  • Jobseekers Allowance

    Information on Jobseeker's Allowance, covering who may be able to claim.

  • Financial help for families

    Financial help for families depends on whether or not you or your partner works as well as many other conditions. Use our table of benefits to check what you may be able to claim in different circumstances.

  • Rates and earnings limits

    Rates of benefits and earning limits

  • What if I have come to this country from abroad?

    Information on restrictions on claiming benefits if you have come to the UK from abroad.