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Parents and carers of dependants with a disability

Information and resources for people who work or wish to work and have caring responsibilities for dependants with a disability.

  • Paying for Childcare for Disabled Children

    Are you a parent of disabled children and confused about how to pay for your childcare? Here we explain what options are available.

  • Childcare for Disabled Children

    The Equality Act applies to childcare providers. They are not allowed to discriminate against disabled children and must make ‘reasonable adjustments’. They are allowed to charge extra if they need to employ extra staff or limit their provision to fewer children, but they are only allowed to charge for the extra costs incurred.   Childcare […]

  • Benefits for Families with Disabled Children

    Understanding your benefit entitlements can be complicated and overwhelming. Here we provide a general guide to some benefits which parents or carers who work (or wish to work) and care for disabled children may need to be aware of.

  • The Waving not drowning network

    The Waving not drowning project provides a helpline, Facebook page, newsletter, e-bulletin and occasional events and publications for parents of disabled children and carers of adults who want to combine paid work with their caring responsibilities.

  • Downloadable Guides for Parents and Carers of Disabled Children

    Working Families publishes occasional information guides and booklets that can be freely downloaded. More publications will be added shortly.

  • Time Off Work for parents or carers of disabled children

    The law is complicated. Here we provide an outline guide to some employee rights to time off work for parents and carers of disabled children.

  • Flexible working for parents and carers of disabled children

    The right to request flexible working for parents and carers of disabled children are the same as parents of non-disabled children. An employee with 26 weeks of service with the same employer has the right to make a request to work flexibly. The employer has three months to respond (although this can be extended by […]

  • Getting into Work

    What sort of job or training should you choose?  Where to find jobs: Filling in application forms and writing CVs: Going for Interviews: Access to Work What sort of job or training should you choose? Think about work you’ve done in the past, your interests especially those which could be used in the workplace and […]

  • Choosing Childcare for Disabled Children

    What are the options when choosing childcare for disabled children? Here we outline some of the possible options.