Finding care for your child and how your employer can help you.

  • What childcare schemes can and can’t be used together

    Parents and carers are often confused about what childcare schemes they are able to combine (subject to eligibility). Working Families have produced a handy table to help guide you:   Can be used together   Can’t be used together   Tax Credits &15h/30hfree​ Tax-Free Childcare & Tax Credits​ Universal Credit &15h/30h free​ Tax-Free Childcare & Universal Credit​ […]

  • Free childcare for children aged two, three and four

    There are currently three separate government funded childcare schemes that offer free childcare for children aged two, three and four. Each of the free childcare schemes has different eligibility rules so it’s important to check which of the schemes is right for you. This article covers the eligibility rules for these schemes if you live […]

  • Childcare vouchers and employer-supported childcare

    What are childcare vouchers and how will they affect you?

  • Tax-Free Childcare

    A scheme to help with the costs of childcare for parents who are not eligible for tax credits or universal credit.

  • What is the difference between Tax-Free Childcare and Childcare Vouchers?

    Tax-Free Childcare and Childcare vouchers are both schemes designed to help with childcare costs. In most cases they are only useful if your income is too high to benefit from Tax Credits and Universal Credit. From October 2018, Childcare Vouchers will no longer be available to new applicants, so if you are considering applying it’s important […]

  • Finding childcare

    Information on where to look to find out more about childcare.