Tax Credits

Find out about tax credits and how they can help your family.

  • Tax credits

    Information on tax credits, covering who may be able to get Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.

  • Working Tax Credit

    An overview of Working Tax Credit

  • Childcare costs and Working Tax Credit

    Families paying for childcare may be able to help with the costs in Working Tax Credit (WTC). This is called the childcare element of WTC.

  • Child Tax Credit

    Information on Child Tax Credit, covering who may be able to claim and the ages of children you can claim for.

  • Tax credits and Universal Credit if you have more than two children

    If you are responsible for a child born on or after 6 April 2017, and you get Child Tax Credit or Universal Credit for two or more other children, you may not get any extra for that child. This only affects the child element of Child Tax Credit or Universal Credit. It doesn't affect Child Benefit, or extra amounts for disabled children or childcare.

  • Renewing your tax credits

    From 6th April onwards, HMRC send out a pack to anyone who has had a tax credit award in the tax year which has just ended – eg 2018/2019 this year. It’s really important to look carefully at the information you receive. Even if you have stopped getting tax credits, you still need to check […]

  • How your tax credits are worked out

    Tax credits are worked out by adding up all the elements (see below) which apply to you. You may be entitled to elements of Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit or both.

  • Tax credit awards

    Information on how long your award of Working tax Credit and Child Tax Credit lasts and what happens at the end of a tax year.

  • Tax credits – if you use childcare vouchers

    Information on tax credit payments for childcare if you use Childcare Vouchers.

  • Myth of the month – Is it true that you won’t be able to claim benefits for more than two children after April?

    From 6 April 2017 most people will no longer be able to claim the 'child element' of Child Tax Credit for their third or subsequent children born after this date.