Universal Credit

A comprehensive guide to Universal Credit, a new benefit which will replace six existing benefits and tax credits over the next few years.

  • Brexit – what happens next?

    The United Kingdom’s government is still planning for the UK to leave the European Union on 31 January 2020. The full impact of Brexit is currently largely unknown as the terms of the UK’s departure are still being negotiated. However, the impact of Brexit on your employment rights is likely to be limited, at least […]

  • Universal Credit

    Information on Universal Credit which replaces many existing benefits and tax credits, initially this benefit is for new claimants only.

  • Myth of the month: Do I have to look for work when I have a young child and I’m on benefits?

    Some people (such as single parents with a child under one) will not have to do anything, while other parents will be expected to take all reasonable action to obtain full-time work.