Employment Rights

Information to help you understand your rights at work.Practitioners may also find the information on our Employment Tribunal pages useful.

  • Dismissal

    Are you facing dismissal or have you been dismissed? Know your rights.

  • Redundancy and TUPE transfer

    Are you facing redundancy? Have you been made redundant whilst on or shortly after maternity leave? Is your job being TUPE-transferred?

  • Rights at Work

    Your rights as a worker, in employment or self employed.

  • Tribunals

    Do you want to make a claim to an employment tribunal? Read our advice. Further information is also available in our Employment Tribunals section.

  • Work Problems

    We give information and advice on facing problems at work.

  • Agency workers

    Frequently asked questions about agency workers' rights

  • Self-Employed Workers

    Are you self-employed? What are your parental rights and benefits when you are self-employed?