The following is a sample chronology based on the case described in Precedent 1.

March 2005 Claimant starts work
August 2013 Claimant promoted to hotel manager
August 2013 Claimant starts attending Group management meetings
13 September 2013 Last Group management meeting attended by claimant.
1st October 2013 Claimant informs Keith Venables that she is pregnant
4th October 2013 Telephone call, KV to Claimant: ‘You don’t know how your pregnancy will go and how you will cope with the workload’. Claimant is told her performance is unsatisfactory.
6th October 2013 Claimant excluded from Group management meeting
13th October 2013 Claimant excluded from Group management meeting
14th October 2013 Claimant invited to disciplinary regarding performance.
18th October 2013 Claimant attends disciplinary and is dismissed with immediate effect
20th October 2013 Claimant attends appeal hearing
22nd October 2013 Claimant’s appeal is rejected
1 March 2014 Claimant’s baby due

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