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Introduction to key steps for running a sex discrimination claim

The following is an introduction to some of the key steps which need to be followed in a tribunal case.

The Claimant or their adviser needs a good understanding of employment law and discrimination law, as well as of tribunal procedure. Unfortunately, the law around pregnancy, maternity and family rights can get very complicated. This website cannot be relied on in itself as a full guide to the law or tribunal procedure. The guidance and precedents are intended to give the reader a basis to research further and shape the Claimant’s case. You might find our resources pages and our finding an adviser and paying for your case pages helpful for more guidance on the law and employment tribunal procedure.

For ease of reading, these pages describe the ‘Claimant’ as ‘she’. However, in some circumstances, a man may bring a case. For example, an employer may agree to allow a woman to work part-time to look after her young child, but refuse a similar request from a male worker because of the assumption that mothers rather than fathers should look after children.

Note that the employer or manager carrying out the discrimination may be a man or a woman.

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