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Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018

One donation, twice the impact

Working Families was delighted to participate in the UK’s biggest on-line match funding campaign in 2018.

As part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018, we raised an incredible £61,908! Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our campaign.

Big Give Campaign

Unfortunately, many people are making needless sacrifices to balance work and life:

  • Women lose their jobs when pregnant or returning from maternity leave
  • Parents aren’t consulted when working hours are changed, unravelling carefully balanced childcare arrangements that they rely on
  • Fathers who would like to play an active part at home aren’t allowed to work flexibly, and regret all that they’ve missed

We are seeking donations this year to support Working Families’ Legal Advice Service, which provides free advice on employment rights to over 2,500 working people per year—nearly three-quarters of whom are on a low income. Through this service, Working Families gives parents and carers the understanding that it is possible to balance work and caring for loved ones, and arms them with the knowledge and expertise to make it happen.

Your donation will empower vulnerable working people to take control of their time and be there for the loved ones who depend on them.