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Awards application guidelines

You may enter as many or as few awards as you wish. Each award comprises two parts: some background questions which you need to complete as best you can to supplement your entry; and the narrative entry section, where you can tell us in your own words about your culture and policies and what makes you special.

What makes a great application:

  • Demonstration of an understanding that all employees perform better when they have some degree of flexibility over when, where and how they work and that employees with parenting/caring responsibilities will be more productive if the organisation supports their work life balance
  • Examples of a supportive and flexible workplace culture – this isn’t all about having a suite of policies in place (although this is good too)
  • Flexible (agile, smart, dynamic) working means flexible in the broadest sense: e.g reduced hours, job-share, core hours, working from home/remotely etc. and it can be formal/informal, regular, permanent or ad hoc.
  • A great story; fresh approaches, effective business results, happy & productive employees
  • Good data showing impact where possible (you will score more highly if you include metrics)
  • The case study should illustrate how your policies/initiatives work in practice and the impact they have. Please don’t use HR staff for this.
  • No repetition, fresh information in each section
  • No organisation is perfect, what we want to see is the desire and active development of a working culture that benefits your organisation and your people.

If you have any questions, please contact Flora Wallington at  flora.wallington@workingfamilies.org.uk