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  • Millwood Servicing – Finalist 2018, My Family Care Best for Mothers Award

    20 Jun 2018

    Fire safety and electrical engineering firm, Millwood Servicing, has an impressive 100 per cent return rate for mothers – even five years after their children was born.  Family flexible working is promoted throughout the organisation along with open and honest conversations about anything employees feel can help balance work and family life.  The firm’s holiday […]

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  • Jaguar Land Rover, Finalist 2011, Best for Career Progression Award

    25 Aug 2017

    One of the barriers identified by women is the ability to balance home and work life. Since 2009 a total of 124 women have received training around career development, planning, coaching, leadership etc. A number of those attending have flexible working arrangements. The feedback from participants, has said that it has allowed them to reflect […]

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The Wainwright Trust was set up 30 years ago in the name of equal pay and opportunities pioneer David Wainwright. Following David’s tragically early death in 1987 the Wainwright Trust has raised money, commissioned and published research, funded and helped produce invaluable tools in the fight for equal pay and opportunities and held annual events to bring together and update people committed to and active in the area of equality at work.

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