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Training and Consultancy for National Work Life Week

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National Work Life Week is your opportunity to promote wellbeing and resilience by running workshops and webinars to support and engage all your people.  Our inspirational and practical 60 minute Quickbite™ sessions raise awareness, share practical evidence-based tools and tips, build organisational and personal capacity and improve engagement and performance across all life-stages and at all levels of the organisation.

Working Families brings together the latest real-life insights into what really matters to employers and employees. The purpose underlying every module is to catalyse the shift in mindset, behaviour and knowledge. Each module is delivered in units for complete flexibility.


Choose from a range of sessions, focussing on different themes:

  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Maximising your energy and your time
  • How to be a successful flexible/agile worker
  • Getting the balance right for parents and carers
  • Balancing work with caring for a disabled child

Challenge and inspire leaders during the week to successfully manage flexible, agile teams by running one of our interactive, practical workshops or webinars:

  • How to lead a high performing flexible team
  • How to manage remote workers

Choose your QuickbitesTM format

QuickbitesTM   are versatile learning modules that can be run in three different formats to suit your needs:

  • 60-minute webinars for up to 1000 participants. A cost effective solution ideal for raising awareness and sharing knowledge. Webinars can be recorded and made available under licence for 1 year after broadcast.
  • 60-minute seminars for up to 200 participants.

A lively and interactive event to catalyse new ways of thinking and to demonstrate organisational sponsorship for high engagement.

  • 90-minute workshops for up to 16 participants. Ideal for creating high rapport, shared learning and a support network.

About KnowledgebitesTM

Working Families also offers KnowledgebiteTM sessions which are designed for time-pressed HR professionals.  Each KnowledgebiteTM shares the very latest evidence-based solutions together with expertise developed during almost 40 years of practice.

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