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Finding the guilt-free ways to be a successful working parent or carer

This session can be delivered as a workshop or a webinar.

Objective: to explore where guilt comes from, why we feel it and how to work through it to feel energised and focused.

A never ending to-do list at work, “neglected” children, too busy to exercise, eat healthily or even sleep? Are you experiencing the minefield of guilt-traps reported by 7 out of 10 working parents? This energising and freeing QuickbiteTM explores practical ways to navigate the minefield of guilt-traps with confidence and energy.

Learning outcomes:
• A deeper awareness of where guilt comes from, why we experience it and our own personal guilt triggers
• Connect with colleagues and share real life insight and practical experiences
• Share evidence based tools and techniques to recognise and deal with destructive mental patterns in order to feel energised and focused.

Read the feedback from a large insurance firm on this training session:

‘We recently hosted a webinar on guilt-free ways to be a successful working parent, run by Zena Everett from Working Families.

This focused on the myths versus realities of being a working parent and the practical steps to managing time and getting a better work and life balance. This has been our most popular and successful webinar, with over 80 employees signing in to listen to it from all our offices around the UK. We also recorded the session and sent to all our members for future reference.

Feedback has been excellent, with employees actively participating in the polls and creating a good dialogue with the host by posting questions throughout. Employees felt they could relate well to the subject matter and found Zena’s delivery very good. Employees felt that they got a lot out of the session with the useful advice given and also to make them aware that they are not alone in their thinking.’

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