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  • At Bank of Ireland we are committed to creating an inclusive working environment which enables our colleagues to thrive. As we focus on strengthening and progressing our people policies, we value the supports which Working Families makes available to us as a member.
  • Barclays values our membership with Working Families. They understand the needs of parents and carers and provide fantastic support and inspirational thought-leadership to organisations. Every stage of life brings new priorities, responsibilities and opportunities. So their contribution in driving the conversation on changing family roles in a society is invaluable. Their excellent resources and support along with their efforts in embedding workplace flexibility allow working families to thrive.
  • Working Families have helped us to hone on our blind spots and pushing us to actively manage and improve on our Family Friendly policies and benefits. This support has helped up to improve on our Top Employer’s Benchmark ranking and overall employee experience.
  • ILF Scotland have found the relationship with Working Families pivotal in our journey to be a life friendly employer. The support from the team and events are excellent, helping us to constantly improve our own offer and have found the benchmarking particularly useful in challenging our own thinking on what we do. When this has been coupled with hearing from other innovative and creative organisations, it has allowed us to really stretch what is possible for a public body like our own. Simply put, membership with Working Families has been fantastic value and we thank them for their advice, warmth, humour and support.
  • Through our partnership with Working Families we have been able to access valuable resources to inform our policies and practices. We have also delivered valuable training to our HR Business Partners so they can advocate the flexible working mindset across the business. We are looking forward to working with our Relationship Manager to debrief our benchmark submission to understand our strengths and where we have opportunities to improve.
  • As an employer who truly believes that its greatest strength is its people, joining Working Families was an opportunity to better understand the needs of a significant proportion of our workforce and gain access to the inspiring and practical ways that other leading employers make their workplaces as family friendly as possible. Through the annual benchmark and opportunities to hear from both experts in the field and fellow Working Families members at conferences and other events, we’ve been able to enhance the way that we support our working parents in a way that makes a positive difference to the working lives of our people. As a HR professional that’s what I’m here to do and Working Families has helped me to do that.
  • The University of Manchester is passionate about enabling our employees to find a positive balance between their home and work lives. We believe that it is key to attracting, engaging and retaining our talent. We are a member of Working Families as their resources and benchmarking services allow us to ensure that we are implementing the best possible practice and continuously improving the support and initiatives provided to all of our working families and parents.
  • We are early on in our relationship with Working Families but they have already helped us develop some training on managing part-time workers. We will be taking part in the benchmark in 2019 which we hope will help us identify areas where we can make the most difference.

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