Fountain penWelcome to our WorkFlex Blog where we explore news, policy developments and ideas relating to how parents, carers and their employers can best achieve a good work-life balance.

In the interests of open debate and the exploration of new ideas, any  views expressed here may not necessarily represent the formal view of Working Families.

  • How employers can adapt to meet the needs of carers

    15 Jul 2019

    Clare McIntosh is mum to three gorgeous children and has worked full time for the last three years since joining her company as part of the Carers Returner Program. Her son has Down Syndrome and she was given the opportunity during Carers Week recently to share her experiences and thoughts on how employers can adapt to meet the needs of Carers.

  • Walking the Walk

    21 Jun 2019

    Today we celebrate Go Home on Time Day, Working Families’ national campaign to raise awareness of the importance of work-life balance.

  • What do we mean by going home ‘on time’?

    19 Jun 2019

    If we leave our job on time every day but then spend the entire evening either glued to our work e-mails, or even just worrying about work, then how much of our time have we really given to our families or friends that evening? The quality of the time we have spent with someone outside of work has been severely impacted. And how happy does this make us?

  • How to Make the Most of Go Home on Time Day

    17 Jun 2019

    If you find it difficult to finish work on time or organise your working hours, we’ve pulled together a list of top tips to help you get on your way.

  • On the road to true equality: mums and dads in 2019 and beyond

    12 Jun 2019

    As Bob Dylan once sang, ‘times are a changing.’ And when it comes to parents in the workplace, the last decade has brought much change—focussed predominantly on mothers at work (though there is much improvement needed there still)—but it is at least a start. The next decade may bring about even more change for even more parents, as changing family dynamics start to shine a light into the future ahead.

  • Reflections – 20 Years of the Working Families Helpline

    5 Jun 2019

    To mark our 20th anniversary, we talked to Sophie Forsyth, our longest-serving team member, about her 12 'happy' years volunteering on the helpline.

  • “A month after my return to work from maternity leave, my world fell apart”

    29 Mar 2019

    Sera is a qualified NLP Practitioner, coach & mentor, author of ‘Dana’s Walk’ and co-author of ‘Transforming Your Life’, and mum to Dana (aged 20) with Cerebral Palsy

  • Food For Your Soul

    25 Oct 2018

    Receiving queries from clients who are on the verge of becoming homeless with no way to feed their babies always affect me the most, even though they are far and few between.

  • Juggling life, work and volunteering

    22 Oct 2018

    This week we are celebrating National Pro Bono week (22-29 October) by highlighting the work of our very generous and knowledgeable volunteer solicitors who offer pro bono advice on our helpline and email platform.

  • Here is one easy change for all employers to make this National Work Life Week

    4 Oct 2018

    If employers are serious about creating a culture where employees with caring responsibilities feel supported, then they need to be more open about how they do that in practice.