• Employers with unsupportive workplace cultures at risk of losing employees with children, as long-hours working culture takes toll

    23 May 2018

    The UK’s long hours working culture damages family life – and parents are voting with their feet Flexible working, on its own, is only giving parents the ability to keep going, without improving their quality of life For employers, tackling unsupportive workplace cultures is a crucial to success of family-friendly working initiatives Tackling unsupportive workplace cultures is crucial in helping parents […]

  • Increase the Joy: Improving Shared Parental Leave

    14 May 2018

    As the advertising element of the government’s ‘Share the Joy’ campaign promoting Shared Parental Leave (SPL) draws to a close, Working Families’ CEO Sarah Jackson has today written to Business Minister Andrew Griffiths MP on the next steps for the scheme.

  • Response to Employment Appeal Tribunal (Hextall v Chief Constable Leicester Police)

    1 May 2018

    "Today’s decision does not alter the recent Ali v Capita judgment that men on Shared Parental Leave cannot directly compare themselves with women on maternity leave.  We intervened in this case, and the Ali v Capita case, to ensure that the very special protections afforded women on maternity leave continue."

  • Working Families’ response to Ali vs Capita Customer Management EAT decision

    11 Apr 2018

    Responding to today’s decision from the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the case of Ali vs Capita Customer Management (UKEAT/0161/17/BA), Working Families [1] Chief Executive Sarah Jackson said: “Today’s decision is an important safeguard for the special employment protection needed for pregnant women and new mothers. We intervened in this case because the particular workplace disadvantage […]

  • Search begins for the UK’s most family friendly employers

    31 Jan 2018

    The search begins for the UK's most family friendly employers. The Best Practice Awards open for entries today.

  • 2018 Modern Families Index – Modern Families at breaking point as parents buckle under the strain of overwork

    19 Jan 2018

    The UK’s working parents are struggling to cope with the strain of overwork - and deliberately stalling and downshifting their careers to reverse the negative impact it is having on family life, according to a major new study. The 2018 Modern Families Index, published today by work life charity Working Families and Bright Horizons, reveals the stress of the modern workplace is pushing parents to breaking point, creating a ‘parenthood penalty’. According to the study, many parents are obliged to work far over their contracted hours due to increasingly intense workloads or because they feel it is expected of them.

  • Poll finds Britain wants to work

    2 Nov 2017

    Low and middle-income parents want to work, want permanent jobs with a sense of purpose and put a premium on job security – but inadequate pay, a lack of affordable childcare and poor opportunities for progression are holding them back, a survey by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and Working Families finds. More than two fifths […]

  • Online library of best practice in providing equality in the workplace launched today

    5 Oct 2017

    Simple steps like actively promoting options to work flexibly, managers championing flexible working and embedding flexible working in the recruitment process are among a new wealth of best practice case studies available to HR managers for the first time. Working Families is launching its new online Wainwright case study library during National Work Life Week to showcase effective - and often simple - examples of how HR teams can promote and embed flexible working and therefore equality, in the workplace.

  • Benchmarking flexibility – in policy and in practice

    4 Oct 2017

    Our member benchmark is unique and comprehensive. It measures all aspects of flexible and agile and work life policies and practice, and how these are integrated into an organisation’s values and culture. We’ve drilled down into organisational behaviour and attitudes, looked at the nitty gritty of policies, assessed how consistently flexibility is on offer across […]

  • Britain’s most family friendly workplaces unveiled

    3 Oct 2017

    Organisations across the UK who are leading the way in building flexible, family friendly workplaces have been unveiled today. Employers large and small from many sectors compete annually to gain a place on the list of Top Employers for Working Families.