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Give a regular gift and become a Changemaker

The work we do at Working Families is supported mainly by individuals like you. When you give regularly, at least £300 a year, you become a Changemaker, someone who wants to make a difference and change the world of work for good.

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“I am a Changemaker because Working Families hits the nail on the head, by working with organisations as well as families!  They enable those on a low income to navigate their rights, and help families balance the world of work. Their pragmatic and passionate campaigning and research in the City makes sure they are really helping those in need, whilst working with – not against – businesses. And that is why I support Working Families.”  
Monica Burch (Changemaker and Chair of The Mentoring Foundation)

By becoming a Changemaker, you will be helping us to:

  • Run the Helpline to advise low-income individuals in need
  • Help employers to introduce and implement family-friendly policies and practice
  • Conduct research and campaign to improve the UK’s work-life balance
  • Giving by direct debit helps you to spread the donation through the year and means we can plan our work more effectively to help individuals and their families.

As a Changemaker you will receive:

  • Invitations to Working Families’ events, including the annual House of Lords reception
  • The chance to attend Changemaker events and network
  • Personal updates from the CEO

Beyond this, you will know that you are making a personal mark on changing the world of work for good: for your children, your family and others throughout the UK.

“It is a real pleasure to support Working Families, a very valuable organisation which gives advice to employees and employers and conducts research to improve the work life balance.

I became a Working Families’ Changemaker in 2010 and to this day, am so very pleased I did so. As a lawyer and working mother with 3 children, who was very fortunate to be offered flexible working 31 years ago, I wanted to support an organisation which helps parents and carers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work, so that they are able to be productive at work and enjoy time with their families

On becoming a Changemaker, one becomes part of the Working Families’ family, receiving updates from the CEO and the ability to attend Changemaker events, which are a great opportunity to network and learn about what Working Families is achieving and how we as Changemakers are helping to make changes to the work life balance. 

Working Families need and so values the support of Changemakers and it is so very important that the Changemaker family continues to grow.”  Sue Jackson, Changemaker


Click here to contact us now to discuss how you can become involved or phone 020 7153 1230.

If you’d like to become a Changemaker or are an existing Changemaker and would like to set up a direct debit, please fill in our secure CAF Donate form

Becoming a Changemaker is a personal commitment to making an ongoing annual donation and supporting Working Families. If you are an owner of or manage/work for a small business, due to the exceptional quality of events and networking, we require you to sign up at a minimum of Silver Changemaker level. Thank you.

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Thank you for your support.