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  • Why we need to shout about improving the rights of parents with disabled children

    We have to value the work that carers do. We have to invest in care. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the only financially responsible thing to do. Care is a vital motor for economic growth and productivity. People who care have valuable skills: empathy, patience, creativity. And when we talk about childcare we have to understand that includes the care of children with additional needs and disabilities. It is not good enough to expect parents to struggle alone for years.

  • Working Family Carers Leave

    Chris Jeffery, Chairperson of Mending the Gap, highlights some of the difficult situations faced by many working Family Carers.

  • Who cares for working carers?

    By Jonathan Swan, Research & Policy Officer, Working Families Employers have developed suites of policies to meet the needs of employees who need to fulfil caring responsibilities, be these fathers, mothers or carers of other adults. Often these policies fit within a wider overarching framework of flexibility, in which all employees have the opportunity to adjust the way in […]