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Cost of living

  • How employers can reduce in-work poverty

    In this guest post, Katie Schmuecker of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation argues that employers have an important part to play in reducing the UK’s serious and growing problem of in-work poverty. There are 1.4m jobs being done by people on zero-hours contacts, according to new figures published by the ONS. This means a fairly sizable chunk of […]

  • Finding financial help for working families

    In this guest post, Emma Lamberton sets out why Turn2Us is running its ‘Benefits Awareness Month’ campaign. “Despite working full time, my wages simply weren’t enough to support my family, and we started to fall behind on our rent and bills. Affording the right food for our children and even keeping the house warm became too […]

  • TUC and London Child Poverty Alliance highlight the crisis of low pay

    By Richard Dunstan, Policy & Parliamentary Campaigns Officer To mark the start of its Fair Pay Fortnight, the TUC has today released figures showing that, on average, workers have “lost more than £4,000 in pay since 2009”.  According to the TUC’s analysis, construction workers are earning an average of £88 per week less than they […]

  • Falling down: the real burden of childcare

    By Richard Dunstan, Policy & Parliamentary Campaigns Officer, Working Families Earlier today the Resolution Foundation think tank published its annual audit of living standards in Britain.  The Financial Times described the 62-page report and its 38 graphs as “a brightly coloured chartfest of post-recession misery”.  And, for sure, the report offers little to cheer about. […]