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Gender pay gap

  • Can flexible working reduce your gender pay gap?

    Your gender pay gap tells you that your organisation probably has fewer women in better paid, more senior roles; more in less well paid, more junior roles; and probably more women than men in part-time roles.

  • Time to create a system fit for the future

    Much of the debate around gender equality has focussed on the need to help women achieve parity with men, in terms of how they are treated and how much they are paid.

  • Time to fix the fathers?

    Welcome to the Mummy Track, guys.  Our Modern Families Index 2018 shows very little difference between men and women - fathers are making the same career compromises as mothers do, which we have been agonising over for decades.  Men and women turn down promotions, say no to a new job - steer their career into the sidings and idle the engine for a few years.

  • Three ideas to make this country a better place, for women, for men, and even for business

    Sybille Raphael, Head of Legal Advice at Working Families, spoke to employment lawyers about Working Families, the gender pay gap, and pressing for progress on International Women’s Day.

  • Why are UK men working such long hours?

    by Helen Norman and Colette Fagan, University of Manchester When couples have children, it is usually the mother rather than the father who adapts her employment hours and schedules to accommodate the demands of raising children. Most mothers drop to part-time hours while some exit the labour market completely. But what happens when men have children? Do their work hours and schedules change too?

  • Gender Pay Gap

    The government is introducing gender pay gap reporting. All employers with 250 or more employees will have to publish their gender pay gap. Individuals’ pay rates won’t be published but the average differences in hourly pay for male and female employees across the organisation will have to be to put on the organisation’s website and a designated government website.

  • Support for working parents key to tackling gender pay gap

    Sarah Jackson OBE It’s great to see real political muscle behind closing the gender pay gap in the UK’s workplaces: the Government has recently accepted a voluntary approach isn’t working and is bringing forward regulation to make sure that employers report differences in pay between men and women in their organisations. Part of the aim of this reporting has to be prompting employers […]

  • Closing the gender pay gap: equal pay audits, or more equal parenting?

    By Richard Dunstan, Working Families volunteer Recent weeks have seen renewed calls for the introduction of mandatory equal pay audits in order to close the gender pay gap, which according to the Office of National Statistics now stands at 19.7 per cent.  This follows a set-piece speech by Gloria De Piero MP, Labour’s shadow minister for women […]