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Maternity discrimination

  • Harassment at work – where do you claim?

    Sexual harassment – which usually consists of unwanted conduct of a sexual nature – has been much in the news recently. However, harassment can be much wider – it is any unwanted conduct that creates a humiliating, intimidating, degrading, offensive or hostile environment for the person concerned, whether the perpetrator intends to create that impact or not.

  • Three ideas to make this country a better place, for women, for men, and even for business

    Sybille Raphael, Head of Legal Advice at Working Families, spoke to employment lawyers about Working Families, the gender pay gap, and pressing for progress on International Women’s Day.

  • What to do if you are under threat of redundancy

    You’ve been told your job could be under threat of redundancy so what should you do? As a starting point, you should know that you must be consulted, you are entitled to a notice period and under certain conditions a redundancy payment should be made:

  • Manifesto 2015: how do the Liberal Democrats measure up?

    By Richard Dunstan, Working Families Blog Editor Last week, the Liberal Democrats issued their pre-manifesto for the May 2015 General Election. While the some 300 policy pledges in the pre-manifesto will be debated and voted on by party members at their conference in Glasgow early next month, the 80-page document provides a first opportunity to assess […]

  • Introducing YESS – because life’s too short to litigate

    In this guest post, renowned employment lawyer Camilla Palmer explains what led her to establish new charity Your Employment Settlement Service (YESS). Many bemoan the gender equality gap at work and wonder why it persists after 40 years of equality legislation.  My answer is: ‘It’s pregnancy stupid’ – at least a large part of it is down […]