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  • A Life of My Own – Janet Mearns talks to Claire Tomalin

    Working Families' Janet Mearns talks to Claire Tomalin about her recently published autobiography, A Life of My Own', chronicling her life and the experience of being a working mother in the sixties and seventies when one of your children is disabled.

  • Towards a better work-life balance; working and caring for a disabled child

    Looking back, I don’t know how I did it. A widowed single parent of a disabled child, I was working long hours, running a tribunal appeal against my daughter’s Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan and her school placement; and running her to numerous therapy and medical appointments that sometimes involved several hours of travel.

  • Why we need to shout about improving the rights of parents with disabled children

    We have to value the work that carers do. We have to invest in care. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the only financially responsible thing to do. Care is a vital motor for economic growth and productivity. People who care have valuable skills: empathy, patience, creativity. And when we talk about childcare we have to understand that includes the care of children with additional needs and disabilities. It is not good enough to expect parents to struggle alone for years.

  • Blogging Against Disablism Day – 1 May 2017

    Our Disability Adviser, Janet Mearns, explores some of the employment issues facing parents of disabled children. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference.

  • Mind the gap: the national shortfall in childcare supply

    By Richard Dunstan, Policy & Parliamentary Campaigns Officer In recent months, barely a week has gone by without the announcement of new research or survey findings on the ever-rising cost of childcare. In January, it was Mumsnet and the Resolution Foundation, with joint research revealing that the high cost of childcare is a barrier to work […]

  • Where are all the part-time jobs?

    By Richard Dunstan, Policy & Parliamentary Campaigns Officer, Working Families. On Monday, it was reported that, in a bid to tackle “the childcare crisis”, the  minister for education and childcare, Liz Truss, is “writing to every council in England to suggest that school nurseries extend their opening hours to allow parents to leave toddlers during […]