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  • Time to create a system fit for the future

    Much of the debate around gender equality has focussed on the need to help women achieve parity with men, in terms of how they are treated and how much they are paid.

  • Three ideas to make this country a better place, for women, for men, and even for business

    Sybille Raphael, Head of Legal Advice at Working Families, spoke to employment lawyers about Working Families, the gender pay gap, and pressing for progress on International Women’s Day.

  • Tickets please! And make them flexible.

    In this guest post, Martin Abrams of the Campaign for Better Transport explains the new campaign for cheaper train travel for part-time workers. Today we are launching a campaign for cheaper train tickets for part-time workers. Together with a broad coalition of women’s groups, charities, and NGOs including Working Families we are sending a loud […]

  • Where are all the part-time jobs?

    By Richard Dunstan, Policy & Parliamentary Campaigns Officer, Working Families. On Monday, it was reported that, in a bid to tackle “the childcare crisis”, the  minister for education and childcare, Liz Truss, is “writing to every council in England to suggest that school nurseries extend their opening hours to allow parents to leave toddlers during […]