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Paternity leave

  • Knowing your rights for work-life balance

    National Work Life Week provides a chance to reflect on your work-life balance. For many working parents and carers, getting this balance right can be elusive. Luckily, there are some legal rights designed to make it a little easier. But many working parents don’t know what their rights are.

  • On the road to true equality: mums and dads in 2019 and beyond

    As Bob Dylan once sang, ‘times are a changing.’ And when it comes to parents in the workplace, the last decade has brought much change—focussed predominantly on mothers at work (though there is much improvement needed there still)—but it is at least a start. The next decade may bring about even more change for even more parents, as changing family dynamics start to shine a light into the future ahead.

  • Time to fix the fathers?

    Welcome to the Mummy Track, guys.  Our Modern Families Index 2018 shows very little difference between men and women - fathers are making the same career compromises as mothers do, which we have been agonising over for decades.  Men and women turn down promotions, say no to a new job - steer their career into the sidings and idle the engine for a few years.

  • Shared Parental Leave: opportunities, barriers & #sharethejoy campaign

    As the Government launches a new drive to raise awareness about Shared Parental Leave, Dr Emma Banister of University of Manchester looks at the issues dogging the flagship gender equality initiative 

  • Tribunal ruling: a storm in a teacup?

    It was only a matter of time but now a tribunal has been asked, is it discrimination for employers not to offer enhanced pay for shared parental leave (SPL), but to do so for maternity leave?

  • Shared Parental Leave in the UK: is it working? Lessons from other countries

    This week marks two years since the introduction of Shared Parental Leave (SPL). Hailed as a flagship policy, which gives parents more choice around balancing work and care, SPL has been praised for allowing fathers to take a longer period of time off work to bond with their baby (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills 2014). Manchester University's Helen Norman and Colette Fagan explore why only a minority of fathers are taking up the scheme.

  • Paternity leave & shared parenting: Labour boldly opens door marked ‘Do not open’

    Labour has boldly gone where no mainstream political party has gone before. Without even delivering a speech, Ed Miliband and his advisers have constructed a neon-lit question mark over the ludicrously low rate at which statutory maternity, paternity and shared parental leave are paid.

  • Manifesto 2015: how do the Liberal Democrats measure up?

    By Richard Dunstan, Working Families Blog Editor Last week, the Liberal Democrats issued their pre-manifesto for the May 2015 General Election. While the some 300 policy pledges in the pre-manifesto will be debated and voted on by party members at their conference in Glasgow early next month, the 80-page document provides a first opportunity to assess […]

  • Closing the gender pay gap: equal pay audits, or more equal parenting?

    By Richard Dunstan, Working Families volunteer Recent weeks have seen renewed calls for the introduction of mandatory equal pay audits in order to close the gender pay gap, which according to the Office of National Statistics now stands at 19.7 per cent.  This follows a set-piece speech by Gloria De Piero MP, Labour’s shadow minister for women […]

  • Shared parental leave: the beginning of a quiet revolution?

    By Sarah Jackson, Chief Executive Opinion seems to be sharply divided about the prospects of success for shared parental leave (SPL), due to come into force next year. On the one hand, Business Secretary Vince Cable expresses his deep satisfaction at “having extended the right to request flexible working and introduced shared parental leave. I am […]